Memories of you and your friends - A souvenir DVD!

Students on Tour has partnered with Group Travel Videos™ to include in most of our education program packages a quality souvenir video made from pictures taken on your trip with Students on Tour that you can enjoy for years to come. While on tour, you can download their FREE app and the students can use their smartphones or digital cameras to take and upload photos to their secure password protected website. Or, as in the past, you can request the use of their digital cameras (1 per motor coach) provided by Group Travel Videos™, and your classmates or travel partners can use these to take picture of your time exploring our nation's great historical sites.   

After the tour your trip organizer will return the cameras using a pre-paid Priority mail box provided, and Group Travel Videos™ will create DVD’s from them, one for each participant on programs including the video option.  These videos will be sent to your school and each person will receive their copy.


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