We are excited to welcome you back to exciting programs with Students on Tour.  Our entire team is committed to your safety and wellbeing.  

Students on Tour "Know Before You Go" Infographic

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Students on Tour "Travel Safely" Infographic

The Infographic below can be downloaded as a PDF with embedded links here should you wish to share it

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Travel Industry Responses

Different members of the travel industry that Students on Tour utilizes, from airlines to hotels, provide insight to the new policies and procedures they are implementing to increase the level of cleanliness for travelers.  Please take a minute to view the following responses.

Delta Airlines

United Airlines


Southwest Airlines

American Airlines

How Air Filtration Works on Planes

by Delta Airlines

Marriott Hotels

Hyatt Hotels


IHG - Holiday Inn

Hilton Hotels


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Traveling Safely

How have you prepared the Students on Tour staff to provide support for our well-being?

Our professional and highly trained Program Leaders are knowledgeable of CDC guidelines and will model and encourage healthy practices throughout the Program. Ample encouragement and time will be provided to all group members for proper hygiene, and especially handwashing; hand sanitizer will also be readily available. Program Leaders will remind and encourage passengers to follow all necessary distancing guidelines as appropriate for the group. Students on Tour staff will monitor their own health daily and only lead Education Travel Programs if they are symptom-free. We have back-up staff ready should the need arise.

Will there be health screenings each day?

Groups will be encouraged to have a staff member dedicated to monitoring their own participants. Monitoring at the discretion of the group organizer could include temperature readings, and alertness of symptoms.

Do I need to bring a mask?

Yes - Face masks are required at certain sites / locations. All passengers should provide their own disposable or reusable face coverings; please bring an adequate supply for the entire duration of the program. All face coverings should:

  • Fully cover an individual’s nose and mouth and allow passengers to remain hands-free
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Be secured (with ties or ear loops)
  • Be made of breathable material, either disposable or reusable

Should I bring my own hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout your travels including on the motorcoach. If you choose to bring you own, review the TSA rules:

What if I’m not feeling well the day before our group leaves for our tour program?

If you are not feeling well, do not travel.

  • Be alert for symptoms. Watch for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or  other symptoms  of illness.
  • Contact your organizer as soon as you determine that you are not able to travel.

What if I get sick while on the tour program?

While on the travel program please monitor your health. If symptoms develop, you will be separated from the group and connected with medical care. Based on the counsel of medical personnel, appropriate measures will be taken to provide for your well-being. As has been our standard practice over the past 36 years, Students on Tour will work with our traveler(s) to secure alternative transportation if traveling with the group is not possible due to a medical reason.

Are there new guidelines for traveling by air?

Yes, there are new TSA guidelines and procedures for 2020 summer and fall travel. Please carefully review them before going to the airport. Note specifically the points regarding separating food and packing smart. A face mask will be required in the airport and on the flight.

What are airlines doing for the well-being of passengers?

All airline companies are following federally mandated guidelines with the traveler’s safety as the top priority. Specific disinfecting and sanitization procedures have been developed by each carrier to provide for the well-being of those travelling. Each major airline company has produced resources to share with the travelling public detailing their specific processes. Links to these resources can be found at

What sanitization procedures are practiced at our hotels?

The hotel industry has committed to a very aggressive sanitization and disinfection process to provide a clean and healthy environment allowing you to travel with confidence. They are also employing innovative measures to allow for touchless services. The major franchise hotels used by Students on Tour have created resources that detail their sanitization processes of rooms, common spaces, and food service areas. Find the weblink to these resources at

What steps are motorcoach companies taking to provide for a clean environment on the coach?

Motorcoach companies are regulated by federal agencies and specific trade associations that are collaborating to provide for the safety and well-being of passengers.  Each company with whom we partner is taking additional sanitization measures.  Before any group boards the motorcoach for the first time, the coach will be thoroughly sanitized from previous passengers.  The motorcoach will not be used by any other traveler/group for the duration of the trip.  Hand sanitizer will be readily available to all passengers throughout each day.  Each evening the coach will be cleaned and sanitized.

What will food service be like?

Group dining has often been provided by means of buffet-style service.  Students on Tour has requested that all our food service be transitioned away from buffet service to cafeteria-style (buffet-line served by waitstaff) or plated meals served at your table.  In addition, more separation will be required from other restaurant patrons and groups. Our partner restaurants are monitored closely by federal, state, and local health regulators. Many specific safety measures have been instituted to ensure for the well-being of patrons, including employee screening, and additional training in best practices of food safety.

Will we be able to visit everything on our itinerary?

Many of the sites we visit are open and ready to welcome visitors within the context of current regulations. These sites have developed innovative tools to allow for an engaging and fun experience keeping the safety and well-being of guests as the top priority. The Students on Tour Team closely monitors all the states and cities where we travel. We also communicate regularly with our travel partners and vendors. With 36 years of experience, we can make adjustments as necessary to ensure a full, exciting, and life-impacting education program.