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Student's FAQ

Below are some questions commonly asked
by students like you.


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  • Is My Program Going To Be Cancelled or Moved?
    We want to assure you that our team is proactively working with Program Organizers to make necessary adjustments to programs. Each group is being worked with on a case-by-case basis. We are working with groups with imminent departure dates first. ​ Please note, we work through the Program Organizer or the school associated with each program on high-level decisions for your trip- like changing dates or canceling the program. If you have questions related to your group moving or canceling the dates of your tour program, we recommend that you wait to hear from your Program Organizer, who will be working with our team to confirm any changes and share them directly with your group. We appreciate your patience as we work with your Program Organizer. ​
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Students on Tour offers the most lenient cancellation policy in the student travel industry. Please see our standard cancellation policy here. During this time we are being additionally lenient limiting penalties to only to non-refundable items.
  • Will I get a full refund?
    We are doing our very best to refund everything that we possibly can for individuals or groups that have to cancel. In every case, we are retaining the deposit that is considered earned upon receipt. To provide the excellent services our reputation and integrity represent, we have spent numerous personnel hours and monies to prepare for your program. Our staff has attended to every detail of the program to ensure it was ready to take place flawlessly. We paid them for their work. We paid suppliers, vendors, and other required invoices to provide an excellent education program from a compliant and reputable tour company. Many tour operators are offering little or no refund; most are offering vouchers only for future travel. We have worked hard to get refunds from vendors/suppliers so that we can maximize your refund.
  • When will I receive my refund?
    We are a bit overwhelmed due to the current situation, but are processing refunds as quickly as we receive the refunds from our vendors. It is taking around 4 weeks for the processing in most cases. The refunds will be returned to/in whatever form the payments were made. We are working on your behalf as fast as we can. You will receive a receipt noting the credited amount when the credit is processed. You will not need to call us to facilitate your cancellation if your school cancelled your program.
  • Why am I receiving an airline voucher?
    We would so much rather give you the airline credit in actual money. At this point, a voucher is all that most of the major carriers are doing for passengers that were ticketed when this began. In most cases, they are waiving change fees for rebooking. Since they have your money, we are forced to take what they are offering. Passengers receiving vouchers will be given clear instructions on how to use the voucher. We know that airlines are receiving pressure to give refunds in the form of money, not vouchers. Perhaps we will see a change ultimately in that process.
  • What does Students on Tour do to increase safety and care for the well-being of travelers?
    Students on Tour has always taken, and continues to take, a proactive approach to the health and safety of our travelers. Their safety and security is, and always will be, our highest priority. Our Education Program Leaders are trained to regularly encourage best practice hygiene with our travelers. Additional measures are always taken especially during flu season. Necessary time is taken to provide travelers with the opportunity to get supplies as needed, and ensure proper hand-washing time is provided for before and after meals. The airline transportation industry has taken increased measures to be transparent regarding safe travel environments for travelers. Innovative steps are being taken to ensure clean air and sanitized surfaces for both in the air and in airports. Motorcoach companies are taking additional steps to ensure regular sanitation of all hard surfaces and are providing hand sanitizer stations on all motorcoaches. Hotels and other sites are proactively following heightened sanitation procedures. They are developing additional long-term standards to ensure sanitization to assist in the prevention of spreading of germs. Students on Tour is grateful for long-term vendor relationships that have proven track records of maintaining clean environments and are as dedicated as we are to our traveler’s safety and well-being.
  • What Can Travelers Do To Stay Well?
    All travelers should follow standard hygiene practices to stay healthy. These include: Do not touch any part of your face without first washing your hands. Avoid contact with persons who are already ill. Avoid unnecessary touching of other persons (e.g. shaking hands in greeting). Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Carry hand sanitizer (60-95% alcohol) and use it for situations where handwashing might not be possible. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue or in your elbow. Stay home if you are ill. These tips will also help travelers protect themselves against the common cold and flu viruses.
  • What If A Traveler Gets Ill?
    If anyone shows signs of illness, care is taken to ensure proper medical attention. ​ Our Education Program Leaders are equipped with information for local medical attention through teams like Doctors On Call or medical facilities nearby. ​ In the unlikely event that a traveling group is quarantined, Students on Tour is committed to supporting all travelers until their safe return home, securing lodging, transportation and meals and helping to facilitate flight changes, as well as covering any financial costs associated with these items.
  • Trusted Resources
    For your reference, please note the following official resources: CDC travel notices CDC COVID-19 webpage WHO COVID-19 webpage US State Department Student Youth Travel Association webpage:
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