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The City by the Bay awaits you on this San Francisco Students on Tour Education Program. 

Almost all Students on Tour Education Programs to San Francisco will typically include:

  • A one-way cable car ride to Ghiradelli

  • A walk out onto the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Time on Fisherman's Wharf

  • Alcatraz Island Tour

Many, with additional time, may include:

  • The Exploratorium

  • Golden Gate Park


Surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco's climate is strongly influenced by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean. The weather is remarkably mild all year, with a so-called Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, foggy summers and relatively warm winters.  Average daily high temperatures in the summer typically range from the 65°F to 70°F Fahrenheit, while in the winter it virtually never reaches freezing. Rain in the summer is extremely rare, but winters can often be very rainy.



The City of San Francisco is located on the U.S. mainland at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, halfway up the coast of northern California. It is surrounded on three sides by bodies of water: The Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate strait, and the San Francisco Bay.  Several islands are part of the city, notably Alcatraz Island and Treasure Island. The city and county has a total area of 231.9 square miles. 46.7 square miles of it is land and 185.2 square miles of it (79.86%) is water. The land within the city limits roughly forms a seven x seven mile square.

San Francisco is famous for its hills. A "hill" in San Francisco is an elevation that is over 100 ft. There are a total of 42 hills within city limits.


  • Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge - internationally known symbol of San Francisco.

  • Riding a Cable Car - now listed as a "special" moving National Historic Landmark.

  • Visiting Alcatraz - "The Rock" - infamous federal prison.

Get Prepared


A timelapse of San Francisco. 


Maybelle the Cable Car, by Virginia Lee Burton, 1952


The sound of a foghorn, a common sound in San Francisco, near the waterfront.


Sourdough bread. Sourdough was the main bread made in Northern California during the California Gold Rush and it remains a major part of the culture of San Francisco.  The bread became so common that sourdough became a general nickname for the gold prospectors.


A hot cocoa at Ghirardelli's.




  • The amazing natural beauty of the city

  • The sea lions by Pier 39

  • How steep the hills are

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