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Who We Are and What We Do

Since 1988, Students on Tour has partnered with educators and schools from all across America to provide high quality, student-focused educational travel experiences. Along with connecting historic facts and stories on location, students will discover positive character attributes of true heroes and world changers that will inspire them to live life to make a difference in their sphere of influence – and perhaps even change the world! Our Education Program Leaders are passionate about teaching history, and truly enjoy traveling with students. Their energetic, friendly personalities bring a great balance between learning and having fun!

We are specialists in every detail of student travel. From itinerary development, logistics, hotels, restaurants, and all things unique to traveling with a large group of young people, we provide excellence at every level.

The entire team at Students on Tour team is excited for the opportunity to partner with your school in order to provide life-impacting travel experiences for your students.

What Our Travelers Say

"Everything met our expectations. Our EPL was wonderful with her presentation and her ability to relate with students." - Cindy W.

"1. Promise kept, as always:  safety, education, and fun!
2. Our EPL likes to share firsts - things I may not know or have seen.
3.  Our EPL works so well with this boisterous age group."

- Carlos C.

"Itinerary was great. Our EPL was a great guide and lots of fun. She was also good with parents. Excellent choice of hotels.!" - Lisa T.


As you follow the Freedom Trail, you learn how the Puritan’s “City upon a Hill,” became home to the Cradle of Liberty and helped to start America’s War for Independence. You might also visit Plymouth, the settlement of the Pilgrims, and Plymouth Rock; Lexington with its famous Green; and Concord, the home of authors and the Old North Bridge.


On this exciting visit to our nation’s capital city, your minds and imaginations will be engaged! From observing government in action on Capitol Hill to exploring the museums and galleries of the Smithsonian Institute, there is never a dull moment! As you walk through stunning monuments and memorials, you are reminded of the legacy of sacrifice that has gone before. And as you reflect on our nation’s past, you will be challenged to make your own positive contribution in your communities and country.


The center of architecture, finance, fashion, and the arts – the Big Apple! Among the glitz and glamour of NYC, you will also hear stories of hard work and sacrifice of those who contributed to building of one of the world’s greatest cities! You’ll see iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the 9/11 Memorial.


The Historic Triangle of Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown comes alive as you explore the past. Learn about the establishment of Jamestown over 400 years ago, the yearnings for independence in Williamsburg, and the final major battle of the Revolutionary War in Yorktown.


After the great Civil War battle and President Lincoln’s famous address, this small quiet Pennsylvania town became etched in the heart of America.


Great icons of freedom and liberty surround you as you walk the historic blocks of Old Town Philadelphia – the “City of Brotherly Love.” Learn how dependence on each other and confidence in our inalienable rights helped our nation fight for independence from tyranny.


A visit to this famous Amish settlement will provide a lesson in religious freedom as you observe the simpler lifestyle of these Plain People. Their lives are filled with faith and family, not to mention delicious food and artistic handcrafts.


Students on Tour offers two Texas State History programs. The first is the Texas Two Step – a two-day program to the State Capital of Austin and San Antonio. The second is the Texas Longhorn which is a three-day program to Austin and San Antonio with the addition of an overnight ranch experience and nature elements. Both programs take in the Texas State Capitol building, Texas State History Museum, the Alamo, and Mission San Jose.


Follow the journey of the Deep South as it moved from the devastation brought on by the Civil War through the struggle of the Civil Rights movement. Highlight cities include Memphis, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Atlanta.


Students on Tour offers several California State History Programs. Most include Sacramento – with the State Capitol Building, Old Town Sacramento, California State Railroad Museum, and Sutter’s Fort. Then it’s up into the hills for a visit to Coloma where gold was discovered. Other destinations included San Francisco and Yosemite. San Diego, California College Tours, and Media Tours are also available.


Yosemite is a feast for the eyes. Natural beauty will surround your students on all sides. Nature walks, hiking, waterfalls, granite cliffs, and ranger programs will fill the day. A nice rest in a tent cabin will fill the night. A national treasure – “the gem of the National Parks.”


The breathtaking scenery of the Grand Canyon is the highlight of this trip. Your students will be awed at the natural beauty of this wonder of the world. Sedona Jeep Rides, craters, Indian dwelling, horse-back riding, and desert plant life, round out this western adventure.

Explore our most popular Education Programs that focus on historical destinations in the United Sates.

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